About the Book

Thousands of crop circles have been discovered and recorded in this generation, but no interpretative key has been available until now. This book, unique in crop circle literature, deciphers 2,700 circles as signs of a sequence of comet strikes extending over the next 300 years which will contribute to repeated crop shortages. The extraterrestrial circle makers will be artificially directing these cosmic bodies to their impact areas, but before they begin, they are revealing a large number of significant details about the whole process. Using the crop circles, plus biblical and personal prophecies, the author has derived approximate dates and locations for the global impacts.

According to the author, directed comets have played an essential role in the evolution of life on this planet for millions, even billions of years. In fact, the general shape of most plants and animals originates from the comet shape, and the sexual reproductive cycle emulates the primordial act of a comet striking the earth. New and improved plant species to eliminate world hunger will become an integral part of the biosphere as the comets appear. Comet strikes have always been necessary for pollinating the flower of life, and creating new species, a new age and a new earth.

The Heck Hypothesis is essential reading for anyone seriously concerned with crop circles, potential asteroid or comet impacts, prophecy, and the intrinsic nature of life on this planet.

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